This is the flu season that never ends

Expect flu season to continue for another three to four weeks, or a month.

Kelsey Seybold managing physician for immunization practices Dr. Melanie Mouzoon said it might not be the oak pollen that has you coughing and sneezing, if you have fever it could be the third strain of the flu.

"We've had three different strains circulating. So, it started out as a pandemic flu, or H1N1 variety. And, then it moved into the H3N2 variety and now about a quarter of the cases that we're seeing are Type B," said Mouzoon.

She said this year, flu season started in early December, but is still going strong.

Mouzoon said in the past, flu season has started as late as April and ended as late as May.

"The vaccine this year is more effective than it has been in past seasons. So far, we're thinking it's about 47 percent effective. But, unfortunately it's not been as effective for older adults who are hit harder by the flu," said Mouzoon.

She said the higher dose vaccine for those 65 and older is about four times the strength of the normal vaccine. Next flu season, ask your doctor for it.

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