Entitled kids and helicopter parents

In the national college admissions cheating scandal some of the kids now blame their parents for ruining their "careers." One celebrity daughter says her famous parents ruined her YouTube career because we now know she was only in an elite school because of bribes.

Education expert Jean Burk says the kids may seem ungrateful, but cheating doesn't really help.

"You're also pretty much telling your kid 'well, you can't do it on your own' and that's unfortunate."

Burk says paying your kids' way in to college can do damage, even if it's legal.

"We have a generation of parents who want to do everything for their kids and they're not letting their kids fail on their own and make mistakes and it's not reality for them."

Burk says let your kids take the SAT and ACT and let the chips fall where they may.

"Everybody has a fair chance because the SAT is a logic/critical thinking test. No matter what your economic background is, no matter what school you went to, anybody can do well."

Burk says poor students don't really benefit from being sent to a school they're not qualified to attend.

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