Watch what you Post -- your Insurer is

Through things like Facebook and Instagram we're telling the world more about us than ever before. But watch out, your insurer may not like what it sees.

Houston social media expert Kristy Gillentine says it's fair.

"It makes sense that insurance companies would look at our social media accounts because that's where we put our lives on display."

You may tell your insurance agent you don't drink or smoke, but your Facebook posts can betray you.

"Posting while you're on vacation, so potential burglars know you're away; posting while driving, which puts you and other drivers at risk or even sharing pictures of your dog, if it's considered a dangerous breed."

Gillentine says we really need to think before we post or our rates could rise.

"Too often we share things on social media without thinking about the potential consequences and there are more and more potential consequences these days; always think before you post."

Gillentine says you might be taking risks you would deny, like taking a selfie while driving.

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