Gallup: Religious Affiliations on the Decline

A new Gallup poll says people don't identify with any religion, but are still spiritual.

Tarleton State Univ., Stephenville Assistant Professor, Sociology of Religion Derek Lehman tells KTRH, "This poll doesn't necessarily mean people are less spiritual, it just means they relate to it in a different way."

Americans claiming no religion now as numerous as U.S. Catholics, Evangelicals

A new survey shows Americans not associated with any religious tradition are as numerous as Catholics or evangelicals in the U.S. The General Social Survey shows slightly more than 23-percent of people questioned claim no religion. That compares with 23-percent who identify as Catholics and 22 and-a-half percent who identify as evangelicals. Those are now the three biggest religious, or nonreligious, groupings in the U.S.


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