Being single is at a record high

According to data from the General Social Survey, more than half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 don't have a steady romantic partner, which is up from years past.

Relationship expert and matchmaker Jennifer Styers said maybe singles are children of divorce, plus isn't pressuring young people to get married.

Yet, it's important to make room in life for love.

"The friendships that these people are forming are so strong that they are spending holidays with their friends, they're taking trips with their friends, and everything that would normally be done with a partnership, those areas are all being fulfilled by friendships," said Styers.

She said technology might give you a false sense of security that there's plenty of fish left in the sea. As you get older, it's harder to find someone who's also single with the same interests, lifestyle and a good fit.

"So we have to be very careful. I think there's a fine line between enjoying your life and living it, not like you're waiting for somebody, but also leaving space for somebody," said Styers.

She said if you're single, make sure you're open to finding love at every stage of your life.

The survey found more Democrats are without a steady partner, compared to Republicans.

Black Americans are more likely than white Americans to not have a steady partner.

More unemployed Americans are single, as opposed to employed.

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