Republicans and Democrats unite against big tech giants

The love of big tech giants is waning.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with attorneys general across America, both Democrat and Republican, is looking into whether Google, and other giant companies are violating privacy or antitrust laws by controlling the marketplace.

Paxton told Bloomberg TV he has concerns that smaller social media start-ups are being pushed out of the marketplace by places like Google.

"It does put these companies, smaller companies, these start-ups either get purchased or they get pushed out of the marketplace. And, so there are concerns about competitiveness and companies being able to start up and compete," said Paxton.

He said he's all about free market, but Google controls about 89 percent of the online searches.

"When you have companies that dominate the marketplace becoming almost monopolistic, well, then competition goes away and then you have this argument that consumers may be harmed," said Paxton.

He said he's also concerned about user privacy and how information is collected on people, then used, as well as the censorship of predominantly conservative speech.

Last week, Facebook censored the Texas Legislature by controlling conservative content that was put up.

Paxton said two posts--one put up by the Texas Senate Caucus, another from an individual senator-- were taken down in regards to pro-life, citing the born alive bill was engagement bate.

Also last week Senator Ted Cruz agreed with Senator Elizabeth Warren that big tech needs to be broken up.

Now, they've grown too big to fail because if they're regulated now, it could threaten their business models.

The FTC has formed a task force to investigate tech companies for potentially anticompetitive conduct—which could take years.

Skeptics claim new legislation is more likely.

The European Union has already fined Google billions of dollars in two different cases.

Demonstrators Protest Against Google Campus

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