New Zealand Massacre Prompts Calls for Texas Gun Control

There are calls in the US to follow New Zealand's lead, and ban semi-automatic weapons. The Prime Minister of the Pacific island nation took a stance after 50 people were massacred in two mosques last week.

Gyl Switzer with Texas Gun Sense says while it's unlikely to pass, it should be on the agenda in the state legislature: "Texas should be having a deep and prolonged conversation since we've had the Sutherland Springs and Santa Fe shootings since the last session."

She says a more reasonable approach to gun safety would be a state-wide "safe storage" campaign, along the lines of Click-It-Or-Ticket.

"Immersing our population in a message; you know, you don't think about attaching your seat belt right now. You just do it."

Other ideas, like so-called "red flag" laws that allow a judge to order the removal of someone's guns, are seen as dead on arrival by the governor's office.

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