The olds and the youngs stressed about communicating at work

More Baby Boomers are retiring every day and more Millennials are entering the workforce. In the meantime both are working together and have very different ways of communicating.

According to an annual survey, 80 percent of workers feel stressed because of ineffective company communication.

Technology in the workplace might help some and hinder others, and common ground is needed to communicate well.

Protocol School of Texas owner Diane Gottsman said stereotypes and judging need to stop.

"The generations that are saying, 'well, that's not how we did it in the past', they need to jump on the train because that's how it's done today. And, the generations that coming up can learn something from the older generations because a lot of those methods still work," said Gottsman.

She said when you're not comfortable at work, you can't do your best.

"One to one face to face communication and personal interaction is still the key to building relationships," said Gottsman.

She suggests:

  1. Employees need to get on the same page
  2. The boss should decide how employees communicate in and out of the office. This should be a sit down conversation, with the expectations clearly explained—and training, if necessary. You can't use the Slack app without training.
  3. To be respectful of all generations, communicate civilly and kindly
  4. Both good or bad communication effects the bottom line

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