Gas prices rise again

Gas prices aren’t just going up around Houston. They are skyrocketing.

“In Houston we are seeing an increase of ten cents to $2.40 a gallon on average,” Joshua Zuber at AAA Texas told KTRH.

Prices around Houston have now gone up twenty cents over the last two weeks, and you are now paying more for gas today then you did last March 21st. And the prices may not be done rising.

Patrick DeHaan with Gas Buddy tells KTRH he could see prices continuing a steady climb for the next few weeks.

“Prices could move up as much as thirty cents a gallon on the extreme side,” DeHaan stated.

DeHaan was expecting prices to go up. He was not expecting them to go up the way they have.

“This is a fairly quick run-up that has happened quite suddenly. It’s a little bit surprising,” DeHaan explained.

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