Adulting is hard

According to one recent survey, about three out of five millennials feel life is more stressful right now than ever before.

Stressors like waiting for appointments, various smartphone issues, losing one’s wallet or credit card or slow or no WiFi when working on deadline.

The survey found nearly one in five found getting zero “likes” on a social media post is a more stress-inducing experience.

Here are the top 20 stressful scenarios reported by millennials:

1. Losing wallet/credit card

2. Arguing with partner

3. Commute/traffic delays

4. Losing phone

5. Arriving late to work

6. Slow WiFi

7. Phone battery dying

8. Forgetting passwords

9. Credit card fraud

10. Forgetting phone charger

11. Losing/misplacing keys

12. Paying bills

13. Job interviews

14. Phone screen breaking

15. Credit card bills

16. Check engine light coming on

17. School loan payments

18. Job security

19. Choosing what to wear

20. Washing dishes

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