The Worldwide Hum is being heard right now throughout Houston

People living in Tomball, Sugar Land, and Baytown are among the 17,000 globally who report being able to hear *the worldwide hum*, a very low-frequency, constant, unexplainable, vibrating-type noise.

Dr. Glen Mac-Pherson has been on a quest to find the source, unsuccessfully. “The theory is the World Hum was created by very low frequency radio transmissions, between 3kh and 30kh. We conducted experiments which largely ruled this theory out,” he says on a video posted at his website.

He’s asked people who can hear the Worldwide Hum to notify him, and has created a map indicating all the locations where it’s being heard.

Check here for the map.

They are all over Houston.

No one knows what the source is. Noise pollution? Electro-negativity? The sound of modernity?

First reported in Bristol, England in the 1970’s, all over the globe people started complaining about an annoying and constant hum most noticeable at night and best heard inside.

Only about four percent of people say they can hear the Worldwide Hum.


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