Study: More psychological problems in young people

The American Psychological Association finds young Americans experiencing certain types of mental health disorders has risen significantly over the past decade, with no corresponding increase in adults 26 and older; and no significant change in anything, except for electronic devices.

UTMB Health professor and psychologist Dr. Jeff Temple said it’s more complex than smart phones and social media.

"The normal storm and stress of adolescence is hard enough as it is. But, now, our teens and young adults are having to worry about violence in their everyday life," said Temple. "We've seen an influx in hate speech, in violence rhetoric, increase in violence and mass shootings and school shootings."

He said at the same time as an increase in mental health problems, there's been a decrease in behavioral problems like teen pregnancy, substance use and car crashes.

Temple said when cars, computers and e-mail first came out, there was the same fear of the negative affect on young people.

The researchers saw a slight decline in psychological distress in individuals over 65.

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