Millennial's are in debt, big time!

USA Today recently reported that millennial credit card debt will reach a whopping One trillion dollars! yes that's trillion with a T. Sugar Land Financial Adviser Derrick Kinney says, "That's mainly due to college loan debt."

USA Today article:

Amanda Hill, 27, deals with big student loan debt by doing everything she can to keep her other bills small. 

"I have cut out all the things that aren't absolutely necessary," Hill said. 

She eats out maybe once a month. She limits her driving to control how much she spends on gas. She lives in an apartment. 

She avoids getting her nails done or shopping. She buys clothes about two times a year.

Hill – who is juggling $90,000 in student loan debt after graduating in 2015 from Hampton University in Virginia – figured she didn't need a car payment on top of her monthly student loan payments. 

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