New app identifies businesses that are safe for conservatives

Multiple times, leftist radicals have verbally and physically attacked conservatives, which has now inspired someone to create an app pointing out safe places for conservatives to eat.

“63red Safe” was created to “get politics out of local businesses, local restaurants, and make everyone feel comfortable when they go out.”

Houston political consultant Chris Carmona said it's silly.

"They add new menu items the Schumer sausage, the Pelosi potato and the German favorite—the Anthony Weiner Schnitzel," said Carmona.

And could create even more of a divide.

"The Trump taco--bright orange taco shell with nothing in it, but these maybe cheese," said Carmona.

He said there's been a rise of verbal and physical attacks on conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz, press secretary Sarah Sanders and even innocent kids at Whataburgers across Texas.

"We even had it closer to home when the current city council member from West University City Council, I believe her name was Kellye Burke, she attacked teenage girls wearing a MAGA t-shirt at an ice cream store," said Carmona.

He said for a party that totes tolerance, they don't show any to conservatives.

The app’s creator said he would be producing “a suite of conservative tools” planned for release ahead of the 2020 election.

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