GoFundMe account will get the wall built

Since mid-December, a GoFundMe has raised millions to build a wall along the border and now, it's coming to fruition.

While aiming for $1 billion, in three months, $24 million has been raised, thus far from more than 300,000 donors.

"We Build the Wall" organizer Brian Kolfage said they should break ground next month.

He said the process to build is more simple than building a house, because it's just a wall. Since it's on private property, all they had to do was have land surveys, apply for permits and get material. And, the private sector is more equipped to build a wall than the government

"We can build it mile by mile for roughly $3 million a mile, compared to the government's paying $19 million a mile," said Kolfage.

Due to the Leftists wanting to sue and to protect the landowners he can't say the location of the walls. He says they're working with at least seven property owners from Texas to California.

Both walls that will be built are more than 10 miles that connect a gap from the government's gaps.

"We look at it like this: we have a cancer in this county and that cancer is Mexican cartels," said Kolfage. "We want the American people to come together. The government's failing us. The government's failing the people down there. These people on the border told me they feel neglected, for the last 30 years...they've been asking for this."

He said the wall is just a Band-Aid.

"The solution is to take out the Mexican cartels and they are the problem. Until we go after them, this problem will just continue to go on," said Kolfage.

The triple amputee Air Force veteran said they need more donations to keep it going. The only thing that will stop them is when they run out of money.

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