Are AirPods Dangerous?

Scientists are studying rather AirPods are dangerous to your health...

Are wireless earbuds dangerous? Experts warn that Apple’s AirPods could send an electromagnetic field through your brain - as 250 scientists sign petition to regulate trendy tech

  • Tiny wireless Bluetooth headphones fit into the ear canal  
  • 250 scientists from over 40 countries have signed a petition to the WHO and UN to warn against radiowave radiation from wireless technologies 
  • The close proximity of AirPods to the brain and inner ear may raise cancer risks
  • Little research exists on Bluetooth and its health effects but it also uses radiowave radiation 
  • Plus, AirPods talk to one another using a magnetic field that passes through the brain 
  • An expert says there is little research on this but 'can't imagine it's all that great for you'  

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