Pay for College Play

A North Carolina Congressman has a bill that would allow college athletes to earn money from the sale of autographs and memorabilia. It'll be introduced just before the start of March Madness.

Jim Gumm, owner and publisher of "The Blitz," fears this will start an arms race that will put smaller schools at an even greater disadvantage.

"Some of the major schools out there can obviously afford to do this, but my fear is for the schools that are on a very tight budget for their athletic departments."

Gumm says a college scholarship is plenty of compensation for student athletes.

"What is the value of a scholarship to Stanford University or Northwestern or Vanderbilt? They're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so I think that's a heckuva deal, if you ask me."

Supporters of paying college athletes say the big schools profit so much from their jersey sales and likeness that the students are being exploited.

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