Living in a cashless society could pose big risks

Philadelphia's mayor wants to make stores that don't accept cash the Amazon Go stores, which require an app to gain entrance and have no cash registers.

A cashless society is coming, which means payments via plastic or electronically.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Cash App, Venmo and PayPal are the way of the future.

SCIS SECURITY CEO James Davidson says it's been heading this way for several years now, but all that convenience comes with a risk.

"Mobile devices are getting hacked all the time. There are some very good programmers out there who are finding ways around how the security of an operating system works," said Davidson.

He said Android phones have more problems than i-Phones. Make sure to keep your phones and security firewalls updated.

"As far as paying with your phones, it's the same risk you're going to have with your device as when you’re paying online, on your bank, on your computer. There's going to be that inherent risk," said Davidson.

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