The American Workforce swings left

The workforce continues to change; Millennial and even younger Gen-Z kids, are taking over. Many of them are essentially trained democrats and they expect their work and their workplace to support their politics.

A lot of these kids have been schooled to believe Capitalism is evil and they want to "change the world." Notre Dame Student Maeve Miller attended a tech conference last month.

"We want to make a social difference or a social impact; they want to do meaningful work."

For Maeve that means climate change.

"In my marketing class the professor asked 'what's a brand that intrigues you?' A lot of people said Patagonia; the effort that they're making toward climate change and environmental changes."

In the workplace Miller says Gen-Z workers don't want tight supervision; they can answer their own questions with a Google search.

"A lot of Gen-Zers are super independent in what they do and I can almost immediately find out what I need to be doing and stuff like that."

The younger workers might help ease traffic, though. A new report says a lot of them expect to be able to work from home.

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