So far, local realtors not falling to Hollywood tricks

It's normal when getting ready to put a home on the market to stage and take pictures for a faster selling. But it's not ok to deceive via artificial intelligence.

Just like we make ourselves look better in online photos, realtors are doing the same to houses...and it's so much easier with technology.

Goldwater Bank branch manager and certified mortgage planner Chris Nooney said computer generated photoshopping can help, but can be deceiving.

"It's only a matter of time before we see litigation happen in reference to these types of photoshopping, where buyers feel mislead," said Nooney. "People are expecting to actually see a property, when they physically go to inspect the property, and when it does not look like the pictures that they saw online, they do feel deceived."

He said expect new regulation overseeing artificial intelligence by the real estate industry, state or federal level to happen soon, as well.

The National Association of Realtors code of ethics requires agents to present a “true picture in their advertising, marketing and other representations,” which extends to listing photos, a spokeswoman said.

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