AUDIO/POLL: Conservatives flip the script on liberals

We know about the left and Sanctuary Cities. Fed up conservatives in law enforcement have started to fight back with their own sanctuaries.

Specifically, conservative sheriffs across the country are announcing Second Amendment sanctuaries. This is happening in states like New Mexico, where Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace told KTRH they've flipped the script on the left.

“They want to use that status to protect illegal immigrants, so why can’t we have sanctuary counties to protect Second Amendment rights,” Mace asked.

It's also happening in Illinois where David Campbell with the Effingham County Board says it was about standing up to liberal leaders in the state that were not speaking for them.

“We decided we needed to take a stand at some point. If we don’t take a stand now there won’t be anything left to take a stand for later,” Campbell said.

Both Mace and Campbell say the movement is spreading into states like Washington and Oregon, and Mace says you shouldn’t be surprised if it happens in Texas down the road, either.

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