Tech Giants' Ban on Online Gun Ads Flagging Safety Devices Too

Policies at Facebook and Google meant to block online ads for guns are also blocking new safety devices.

Omer Kiyani is founder of Sentinl Inc., which developed Identilock, a fingerprint-activated trigger lock. But he's having a hard time gaining any market share because the online giants are constantly flagging his ads.

“Here we get just a few sales then it gets blocked, and it gets a few sales and gets blocked again for a long period of time, and it's just a lot of automated algorithms,” he says.

Kiyani has been told he's more than welcome to advertise Identilock, but his ad cannot feature a firearm.

“It's the fastest trigger lock on the planet, but it's a struggle to show a product that is supposed to secure a gun without a gun,” he says. “And any visual of a gun is automatically blocked.”

A spokesperson for Facebook has said the company is in “constant contact with companies to help them have a smoother experience.”

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