Texas School District Bans Long Sleeves

No long sleeves in Channing,Texas.

That’s the new dress code policy for the school district in the panhandle town 50 miles northwest of Amarillo, as they try to combat an epidemic of vaping among students.Officials say they’re using the longer sleeves to conceal their smokeless devices, then they blow the mist back into their clothing to conceal the cloud.

The school district is not the only concerned party. Juul Labs is also committing itself to combatting the teen vaping epidemic, noting in a statement to Fox News that they share “a common goal with policy makers, regulators, parents, school officials, and community stakeholders – preventing youth from initiating on nicotine.”

“We suspended the distribution of certain flavored JUULpods to traditional retail stores as of November 17, 2018, strengthened the age verification of our industry leading e-commerce site, eliminated our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and are developing new technology to further limit youth access and use.” 

The new dress code policy only applies to the current school year, and will be revisited over the summer.

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