Now airplane seats have cameras facing passengers

We've been sacrificing our privacy online for the sake of convenience, now we're facing the same problems up in the air, too.

In a commentary…a passenger on a Singapore-bound flight noticed a camera built into the airplane seats and questioned it.

Privacy attorney Shawn Tuma suspects this could be in other airlines...other flights, even domestic ones.

"From a humanity standpoint, it shocks me to think that there's a camera sitting there staring at me like that for the duration of a flight," said Tuma.

Whoever manufactures the camera component for Singapore airlines, could be doing it for others, as well.

He said while they say there are no "plans" for it to be used, doesn't mean they don't have an intention down the road.

Tuma said entertainment on flights have been hacked in the past...and there's always a risk of a camera being turned on, even in the air.

"There's many cases out there where hackers have been able to get into people's laptops and take over the camera without you even knowing that it was turned on," said Tuma.

He said there are functional reasons due to past terrorist attacks, or to prove or disprove of inappropriate behavior. He added the security of air travel is always a concern, surely there are cameras, like air marshals, somewhere on board to monitor what's happening in the cabin.

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