King calls out Turner on pothole claim

Last week, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that the city was repairing 100% of its potholes. He’s being called out for making that claim. Mayoral candidate Bill King says Turner isn’t telling you the whole story.

“When you look at the fine print, it’s only the potholes reported to the 311 system, and of those only the ones they actually deem to be potholes,” King said.

King told KTRH the real numbers will surprise you. The city fixed just 7,000 potholes.

“Last year, we repaired half the number of potholes Annise Parker did in the last year of her administration, which is not something I would hold up as an aspirational goal,” King explained, adding that he hears nightmares every day about what potholes do to cars in Houston.

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