Mayor's Commission Recommends Red Flag Laws, Active Shooter Building Codes

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's Commission Against Gun Violence issues its legislative recommendations to improve school safety in the wake of last year's Santa Fe High School shooting.

The recommendations include closing the gun show loophole, banning 3D printed firearms, establishing a red flag law and active shooter building codes.

“Doors that lock from the inside. Schools should have a fully functional public address PA system, along with active shooter medical kits available and security cameras,” Mayor Turner said Thursday.

Critics argue the 37-member commission was nothing more than a political move.

“We already have background checks. We already have building codes. Schools are already increasing security. This is not going to keep a single person safe. And lastly, there is no gun show loophole. We still have never had a mass shooting by a person who purchased their weapon at a gun show,” says talk radio host Jesse Kelly of KPRC 950.

The commission also issued several administrative actions and budget amendments, including more funding for mental health.

“We've always had people with mental health problems in society. Every society in the history of mankind has struggled with the right way to deal with that, and we can be vigilant about it,” he says. “Why do we always have to throw money at the problem? Maybe the solution isn't more money.”

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