Houston ranks third for posting the most provocative photos

A new study found that some cities are more prone to post provocative photos on social media than others.

"Provocative pictures, showing a lot of skin, or being particularly sexual in nature, and those pictures have taken on a label of being thirst traps," explained Digital Third Coast creative director Andy Kerns.

To find out which ones have the most prolific "thirst trappers" on Instagram, Four Loko analyzed 60,000 Instagram posts across 50 US cities and 10 international cities, to find out where people are thirst trapping the most.

"Other top cities included Miami and LA. People often think of those cities as having a lot of nightlife, fun and entertainment," said Kerns.

He said another reason could be culturally motivated. When you see pictures of others flexing at the gym or lounging at the beach, you post yours and then, let the trending begin.

Kerns said what surprised him most was that it was pretty evenly split between men and women showing off their provocative pics.

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