Multiple Agencies Investigating Deadly HPD Drug Raid

Multiple investigations are now underway to figure out what led up to last month's deadly drug raid in northeast Houston.

Two suspects were killed, four officers shot during the shootout. Now police say it appears one of the wounded officers fudged the warrant.

Mayor Sylvester Turner urged the community to be patient, saying it was important to sift through all the details.

“You've got HPD doing this investigation. You've got the FBI doing this investigation. You've got the Harris County District Attorney's Office doing this investigation,” Turner said Wednesday.

“I pray that everyone will give us time to work through this investigation, this episode, this crisis together and our city will come out even stronger on the other side.”

Police Chief Art Acevedo echoed those sentiments, adding not every detail will be released while the investigations are ongoing.

“It's important for everyone to be patient and realize that we can jeopardize the ultimate outcome in this case if we're not careful as a community and not careful by how much we're putting out there,” he said.

The chief says no-knock warrants are not going away, but narcotics officers will now have to get his permission before moving forward.

“You have to maintain the ability to do this in an exigent circumstance where you truly need to use it,” said Acevedo. “For example, you have a hostage rescue situation where you don't want to knock and say you're coming in. You're going to do a no-knock entry.”

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