Residents Say Baytown Needs Better Emergency Response Time, Route

Folks in Baytown are worried about emergency crews and their ability to get in to town to make the scene.

Residents claim there's no reliable way in or out.

Friday night, a girl who had a seizure did not survive and folks believe it's because EMS crews aren't able to access the area.

Repairs being made along an I-10 near San Jacinto, where a barge truck hit the overpass causes backup.

Now, neighbors who say there is a back entrance being built, want it done fast but need help from the (city) funding to get it done quickly.

TxDOT will continue to make preliminary repairs in the coming days on the spot where the barge struck hit the bridge with more emergency permanent repairs beginning after that.

Authorities with Harris County Precinct 3 Constable says they're working on solutions for the neighborhood and with TxDOT to figure out emergency route solutions.

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