Gas prices flat, but not for long

The good news is you’re not feeling a ton of pain at the pump. But it is the middle of February, and that means we are starting to watch to see when gas prices will start their annual spike. For the moment, Daniel Armbruster with AAA-Texas tells KTRH things are relatively unchanged from last week.

“In Houston’s we saw the price go up a penny over last week,” Armbruster said, adding that the price around the Houston is $1.96 a gallon today.

As for when that annual spike will start, Armbruster says you should beware the Ides of March.

“We’re getting to that time of year where refineries start going offline for routine maintenance,” Armbruster said. “They will then switch over to summer blend gasoline. That’s when we see prices starts to tick up.”

But the silver lining, for the moment, is that gas is 34 cents cheaper than it was on Valentine’s Day of last year.

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