Social media dependency could be killing in real life friendships

A survey finds people consider less than a quarter of their Facebook friends to be “true friends” in real life because social media addiction makes it harder for people to make—and keep—friends in real life.

It found that relying on social network platforms to connect with one another leads people to go out less and worsens friendships.

Zoetica Media founder CEO Kami Huyse said people are making friends with people that are not in their close proximity anymore--where you could hang out in real life.

"I think that social media has allowed us to have a wider, but looser network of friends," said Huyse. "Today, you can pretty much change your whole friendship graph within, you know, 10 to 12 years."

She said we need to think about ways to turn off social media so we can connect with people right in front of us.

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