21st century parenting problems when it comes to technology

Children are spending about 23 hours a week on smartphones and other electronic devices.

That's twice as much time as they spend talking in real life with their parents, according to a new poll.

A survey found children below the age of 14 were spending an average of 3 hours 18 minutes a day on personal devices.

Yet, only 1 hour 43 minutes a day talking with family members.

Our parents had no problem setting limits, but that was most likely in the 20th century.

NOLA Family editor Tim Meyer said it's not so much that parents refuse to set technology limits on their kids in the 21st century.

"We're models for children and I think parents also might be on our phones too much. It's addictive. But, also phones have so much power. They can do so much stuff that we couldn't do even 10 years ago," said Meyer.

He said algorithms, like auto video play, are made addictive on purpose to sucks us in.

Meyer said ultimately, yes, it is the parents' fault. But, the smartphone is so ingrained in the culture, this has become a 21st century problem.

"We ourselves are on our phones so often, either with work, checking e-mails, looking up something. I mean, it's just so easy just to pull out the phone and Google something," said Meyer.

He said parents want their children to do as I say, not as I do.

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