First "Friends" --- Now "Seinfeld"

First they attacked “Friends” and now it's “Seinfeld.

Is this a millennial thing? We asked Communications Expert Dr. Garth Jowett of the University of Houston. “There has always been ‘Culture Police’ and you can trace them back to the origins of Popular Culture” he laughed. 

These Social Justice Warriors found especially offensive Seinfeld's Puerto Rican Parade episode when Kramer yelled, “I’m into this Puerto Rican Day and Parade. The sights, the sounds, the smells!  It’s muy caliente!” 

Dr. Jowett says he thinks of the SJW, “I wonder how serious these people are – or whether they are merely trying to say to people, ‘Look how sensitive I am!’”  Jowett says if we keep paying attention to them, they could continue doing this for quite a while!  “We will probably have to go back and get rid of half of the movies that have been made since 1896!” 

And there’s always George’s dad explaining “Festivus for the Rest of Us!”

Thank goodness the re-runs are still popular.

Elaine and Jerry

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