Zero privacy for women at some hotels

It’s reported that the Department of Homeland Security bought the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative at the Department of Justice, including Marriott International and other hotel chains have made "anti-trafficking" training mandatory.

It's not just women who go to hotel bars, alone, yet they're the ones being targeted by Big Brother via hotel surveillance...which they claim is in effort to keep women safe and prostitution to a minimum.

Houston privacy attorney Pierre Grosdidier said this could be an invasion of civil liberties.

"It's not clear that any particular law is being broken here. Although, somebody could stand up and say this in an invasion of privacy or this is defamation. But, at the end of the day, innocent people could end up being hurt," said Grosdidier.

He said this could turn into a very interesting legal battle.

Grosdidier said depending on what is done with the data, could tarnish a woman's reputation.

"It's well intentioned that it's trying to stop an industry that ensnares young woman, and young boys in some instances, but at the cost in some ways to civil liberties," said Grosdidier.

He said Europe and America handle data completely different.

Europe has the "right to be forgotten" and GDPR -which protects data privacy.

Couple drinking wine in a hotel bar

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