Previously computers couldn't think for themselves, but that's changed

Computers used to be able to do one task more effectively than humans, but now they can actually think on their own.

An artificial intelligence expert warns that "superhuman" robot takeover the humans within 50 years .

Cybersecurity and data privacy attorney Shawn Tuma said he's been looking at the quantum leaps AI has been making for the past several years.

"We're using this artificial teach them to now think on their own, which is different than just computing information," said Tuma.

He said computers are now making decisions and now analyzing situations to almost think on their own.

"Now when we have robots creating robots, we have artificial intelligence creating their own artificial intelligence. Where do those limitations come from?" said Tuma.

He said people are trying to create computers to have a level of consciousness to interact with humans, but when that happens, people don't control them anymore, they control themselves.

Tuma added that a "superhuman" robot takeover is almost the inevitable future unless humanity unites to fight the machines.

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