Laughter really is the best medicine

Research has found that people who laugh have a higher pain tolerance and don’t need as many pain killers.

During a standup show, doctor, speaker and comedian The Healthy Humorist Dr. Brad Nieder mentions studies that have found laughter can help pain management, reduce stress and even be a bit of exercise.

"When we laugh, we're getting the heart pumping. So, one of those good, long belly-laughs, you're getting an aerobic workout and burning some calories. Now, it's not a lot, I'll admit that. But, every little bit helps," said Neider.

He said instead of using opioids, laughter could help with management. Nieder said stress hormone levels, like cortisol—which suppress the immune system and constrict the blood vessels—goes down when we laugh.

"Hospitalized patients who were shown comedy videos, did not require as much of those pain medications. They had a higher pain threshold. They didn't need as much morphine and Percocet," said Neider.

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