AUDIO (6:17) -- Trump's poll numbers holding steady

The polls for the President haven’t changed because of what happened with the partial government shutdown, but not everyone in his base is as happy as they used to be.

The poll from NBC shows his approval number at 43%, which is exactly what it was in December. UH's Jacquie Baly says that shouldn't surprise anyone.

“He had no choice but to negotiate with Democrats. Clearly they were not going to compromise,” Baly said.

But some on the right don't like that the President hasn't followed through with the wall yet.

“It’s crazy that I would expect the President to keep the promise he made every day for 18 months,” Ann Coulter told Bill Maher on HBO.

Baly says that kind of criticism isn't fair.

“They are using it for good sound bytes. Anyone who is rational and reasonable knows you have to have the government functioning,” Baly explained, adding that she believes Trump will get the wall one way or another.

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