US catching up to foreign internet rehab centers

American rehab facilities are adding electronics to their treatment plans.

It’s reported that “mental health centers in Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and other states are adding inpatient internet addiction treatment to their line of services.

The ‘ Reboot’ program at the Lindner Center for Hope offers inpatient treatment for 11 to 17-year-olds who…have addictions including online gaming, gambling, social media, pornography and sexting.”

Tech addiction expert Bob Kittell saidtech addiction is akin to the tobacco manufacturers first said it wasn't addictive.

Now, awareness needs to be raised high enough, so something can be done.

"Every time you get a text or you have an alert on your phone, you get a shot of cortisol. And, every time you see a like or see something you like on your phone you get a shot of dopamine. And so we have 15th century brains and neuroscientists said with 21st century technology and it's just too much stimulation," said Kittell.

He said you can't just take electronic devices away from people...especially little ones...we all have to be weaned off of it.

"South Korea and China have addiction recovery centers for electronics and if you look at a lot of addiction recovery facilities in our country, they're adding electronics as one of the things they're treating," said Kittell.

He said blue light off electronic devices shrink the frontal lobes and damages the brain four different ways including ADHD and over stimulation of the brain.


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