Home Depot Co-Founder Warns of Socialism on College Campuses

A prominent U.S. businessman is sounding the alarm about socialist ideas being taught on college campuses.

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus told “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News Channel that these ideas of socialism being pushed by newly elected members of Congress come straight out of the universities.

“Almost 50 percent of students coming out of university today believe that socialism is the answer, that's frightening to me,” said Marcus.

“Cuba is the perfect example of socialism gone wrong,” he added.  “They exported it to Argentina.  They took a great country and put it right down the drain in every way possible.”

Groups like the Young America's Foundation have been working for decades to nurture conservative values on campus.

“Increasingly we see these socialist ideas that are taught on campus are really beginning to work their way into the mainstream of business and everyday life,” says YAF spokesperson Spencer Brown.

“I don't think a lot of people took time to actually realize what happens when these people are voting, when these people are considering running businesses or opening businesses,” he says. “That's why it gets scary when these people are actually setting the course for the next generation.”

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