White House Daily Press Briefings Still On Hold

It's been more than a month since President Donald Trump put a hold on daily press briefings, and now those on the right are saying enough is enough.

The president told his press secretary "not to bother" with daily briefings because the press covers her so "rudely and inaccurately." 

Jenifer Sarver of Sarver Strategies, served in Bush 43's White House, and says the blackout works against the president.

“By shutting down daily press briefings, he’s forcing the press to fill that vacuum without proper perspective, and I think the administration would be well-served by having a little more control over that narrative,” she says.

And it sets a terrible precedent.

“It’s guaranteed in the Constitution that we have a free press, so if the press doesn’t have access to leaders that’s a problem,” says Sarver.  “That’s what we see in dictatorships and other countries that control their media.”

Sarver says Twitter is not enough, adding the public has the right to question the administration.

“I get concerned when media has to go around the administration to get information because I want to hear directly from the administration what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and be willing to go on the record with people even if they’re not going to agree with the way media assesses it.”

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