POLL: When will Trump give the State of the Union?

Tonight was supposed to be the night President Trump gave the State of the Union Address. But, thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that’s not going to happen, and no new date has been scheduled yet.

Pelosi basically told the President he couldn’t come to the House of Representatives to deliver his speech. David Jennings with Big Jolly Politics says Pelosi is just playing to the socialist wing of the Democratic Congressional caucus.

“Pelosi has her own problems within her own party. She had to come out firm and trump Donald Trump as it were,” Jennings explained.

The President thought about doing the speech in a rally type of setting, but Jennings says he thinks the President got talked out of that.

“I don’t think that would have been great optics for Trump. I think his political team realized that, and that’s why he chose not to do that rally,” Jennings stated.

This is not the first time a State of the Union has been postponed. The speech in 1986 was delayed by President Ronald Reagan because of the Challenger explosion.


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