Wanna Great Job --- Get Into I.T.

According to Glassdoor's yearly study, half of America's Top 10 Best Jobs are in the Data Science field. And why not?  Serial Entrepreneur Abid Abedi-who owns many companies including iCode - says it makes sense to him.  “Everything in the society we live in depends upon technology. Every minute of every day Americans use 2.7 gigabytes of data.”

Abedi says not only are high-level IT jobs great now...there will be even more demand in your future.   “Of all the data that has been created in our society --- 90% was created in the last 2 years alone.”  And he says that 65% of the jobs that will be available in 2030 have not been created yet!

I T business owner Abedi says salaries are high for the right people.

“You can’t just have a bachelor’s degree and expect a $106,000 salary. You have to have the right qualifications and the right educational background.” 

Encouraging your college-bound children to study I. T. is a good start. But as Abedi says, your kids need to know their stuff and be able to communicate it and to lead and collaborate with it.

Glassdoor Survey
America's Best Jobs
Top Ten

1. Data Scientist = $108,000 salary
2. Nursing Manager = $83,000 salary
3. Marketing Manager = $82,000 salary
4. Occupational Therapist = $74,000 salary
5. Product Manager = $115,000 salary
6. Devops Engineer = $106,000 salary
7. Program Manager = $87,000 salary
8. Data Engineer = $100,000 salary
9. HR Manager = $85,000 salary
10. Software Engineer = $104,000 salary

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