Retirement is sexist

Female Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers need to check their retirement accounts, as women have less earnings over their lifetimes than men.

Walser Wealth Management, tax attorney, author, certified financial planner Rebecca Walser, said women biologically have pay differentials in the work cycle...which could come back to bite them when they get ready to retire.

"Our pay gap, that still exists in 2019; interruption of work because of having children and then potential interruption of work because of caring for an aging parent," said Walser.

She said because women live longer, they need to prepare their finances for those additional years.

"We have to plan around taking care of ourselves in these extra years and making sure we have enough of finances to cover the additional healthcare costs along the way and we need to prepare for being the ones that are going to be the widow," said Walser.

She said women need to go into retirement knowing that social security benefits and private retirement accounts, based on their earnings, will be lower than men, because of those interruptions.

And, talk it over with your financial advisor. Not all retirees are created equally, yet financial planners are treating women like their men counterparts.

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