Marijuana Testing is Up in Smoke

There are now 33 states that permit medical marijuana and another ten that permit recreational use of the wacky tobacco.  That’s throwing a wrench in the works of drug testing at work.

Research shows a 33% increase in the number of people who have tested positive for smoking marijuana in employment testing.

Employment attorney Todd Sherwyn says there are a limited number of industries that require drug tests, including truck drivers, medical technicians and warehouse workers, but says sometimes employees bring the trouble themselves.  “You should be worried if you do something that allows the employer to test you, like slurring your words, falling down, or smells…like you just smoked it.”

But medical technician Justin Jones of California highlights the difficulty posed in a state that allows recreational pot.  “I’m a med tech, and EMT.  But I don’t do it while high at all.  I want to make sure that this is within my rights.  That I can still function as an EMT and do this recreationally.”  Marijuana is said to stay in the bloodstream for weeks.  If a person smokes a joint on a weekend and is tested at work the following Friday they may get a positive result though they are not impaired or high on the job.

The issue may be brought before more Texas employers as the legislature considers broadening laws in the state regarding marijuana. 

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