Virtual Backseat Drivers

This year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased a new spin on Virtual Realty. It's a way for you to "virtually" sit in the back seat of a car your son, daughter or mother is driving while you're at the office wearing a Virtual Reality head set. Virtual Reality expert and Texas Tech professor Dr. Rebecca Hite says she's not sure about this and would be anxious if she were 16!  "If my mother were using this --- then I would say 'no' .  I think it could cause anxiety for the driver."

Dr. Hite continues, "Any level of distracted driving is unsafe."  She says it could be more distracting than texting-while-driving which is illegal in all but 2 states.  "I would like to see some research before it’s marketed to the public."  But ---  she says it would be good on long drives to have some company. You know, like between Houston and Lubbock!

virtual backseat driver


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