JSC workers still worried

The furloughed federal workers at the Johnson Space Center get to return to their jobs now that the shutdown is over. But, it would be a mistake to think they are comfortable with where things stand.

Bridget Broussard Guidry represents the federal workers at NASA that were impacted by the shutdown, and told KTRH you'd be wrong to say those workers are breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

“It’s only for three weeks. I would say it depends on what happens February 15th and if they provide funding for the rest of the fiscal year,” Broussard-Guidry explained.

Broussard-Guidry says her workers blame both sides in Washington for the 35-day long shutdown, and that Congress needs to step up.

“Congress needs to do the job and then we wouldn’t be held hostage for other things they want,” Broussard Guidry said, adding that workers went Congress to get a budget deal done and not kick the can down the road again.

In the meantime,, as for upcoming missions, preparations for the launch of the first unpiloted launch of the Space X Dragon craft next month will continue. Missions later in the year, though could be impacted, especially if the government closes again next month.

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