Single Chinese women in their late 20s and 30s get vacay to find a mate

Single women in China who aren’t married off by their late twenties and early thirties are dubbed “undesirable” and “leftover women”.

Two companies in China are giving them an extra eight days of vacation to go date with the sole purpose to find a spouse.

UTMB Health professor and psychologist Dr. Jeff R. Temple said he thinks this is more of an ideological statement about what women should be.

"I do think it's pretty difficult for women, or men, to be told, 'hey go find a dating partner'. And, from a psychological perspective, that doesn't really work," said Temple.

He said this is sexist, since it's women who usually do most of the housework and raise the families.

"If they do get married and have children will they then be punished by these same companies that are giving them time off, in terms of—are they going to get maternity leave? Are they going to be chastised when they take a sick day to be with their sick child?," said Temple.

China's marriage rate has fallen every year since 2013.

Watch out—birth and marriage rates in the US are also declining.

Chinese model Jocelyn Chew in a grey tube top bikini at the beach in Miami

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