POLL: Let’s not and say we did

Contrary to past studies, research and surveys, a report finds that more sex does NOT equal greater happiness.

A new report finds when married couples doubled their sexual frequency, they reported less happiness, decreased sexual satisfaction, and reduced well-being.

One group stuck to their usual sexual routine and were content. The other half were told to double their sexual frequency and reported less happiness and erotic satisfaction.

“The assignment would not be to have more sex in their lives, it would be to have more quality experiences and more opportunities. Look for more pleasure in your life together. It’s not always going to show up in the bedroom,” said Dr. Viviana, of Houston Relationship Therapy.

She said sexual pleasure is more about quality not quantity. If there's a lull in your sex life, more sex isn't the answer.

“So it’s just like most things. When you feel like something becomes a chore, when it feels like something is an assignment or more homework, you lose the pleasure part of it,” said Dr. Viviana.

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