POLL/AUDIO: Wearing Trump swag is asking for a fight

If you wear a MAGA hat or Trump shirt, you might have liberals seeing red. In fact, there is no ‘might’ about it.

We saw that with the kids from Covington Catholic High School, who were harassed for wearing MAGA hats. Alyssa Milano called the MAGA Hat today's “White Hood.” Then there was the Missouri man who wore a Trump shirt to his gym that found himself in trouble.

“The owner came up to me and said the Trump shirt I had was offensive, and that I needed to remove it in order to work out there,” Jake Talbot said on a Facebook video that has gone viral.

\Political historian Doug Wead told KTRH this is utterly ridiculous.

“Regardless of how you feel about a President you have to have some respect for people,” Wead stated.

Wead says this is just another sign of the times. Things we haven't seen before are things we are seeing now.

“We’ve never had the Speaker of the House block the State of the Union address by a duly elected President,” Wead explained, adding that we’ve also never had a mainstream media so blatantly opposed to one politician.

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