Devil is in Medicare-For-All Details

Are you in favor of Medicare for All?

Most Americans are.  Kaiser Family Foundation asked more than a thousand adults and 56% of people said yes.

Ashley Kerzinger, Associate Director for Public Opinion and Survey Research with Kaiser looked at attitudes about the conversation that comes up often in the national discourse about where health care goes in the future. “Medicare buy-in, Medicaid buy-in, having a Medicare for All optional system, as well as a Medicare for All system similar to what Bernie Sanders was proposing during the 2016 primaries,” she tells KTRH News.

They found:77% of people would like to see 50-65 year olds be able to buy health insurance through Medicare, including 69% of Republicans.

75% would like to see Medicaid expanded to include people who aren’t covered by an employer’s health insurance policy, including 64% of Republicans.

75% would like to keep the coverage they have but are okay with the government making Medicare opened for anyone who would like it. 47% of Republicans agree.

56% like Bernie’s plan, but only 23% of Republicans can go with that.

It’s when you start getting into the details of what Medicare for All entails that attitudes begin changing.

Medicare for All loses appeal when people are told it could lead to their taxes going up, or could cause them to suffer delays in obtaining a doctor’s appointment or an MRI.  The net favorability for Medicare for all drops a net favorability of -44 points.

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